New Life Car Care

Caring for the needs of others


"I recently had neck surgery and have been unable to work due to my surgery.  I was finally released to return to work but my car had broken down a week or two previous.  This left me unable to get to work to get money, go grocery shopping, or make medical appointments which put me in a real bind.
            I talked to Dan Craw of NLCC and filled out an application to see about getting a vehicle from his organization.  Very quickly, I was given a 2007 Toyota Corolla CE.  The vehicle has very high miles on it (265,000 miles), but it runs like a brand new car!  I filled up the gas tank ($25 from absolutely empty to just over the full mark) and made several trips some of which were over a hundred miles.  From empty to full, I drove 433.8 miles on one tank of gas.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CAR!!!!!!
            Had it not been for Dan and New Life Car Care, I would still be trying to figure a way out of my vehicleless situation.  By the grace of God, I was helped by a very worthy organization.  Thank you so much for the vehicle and may God bless you all."
- Derron

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"I was so grateful to receive a van from New Life Car Care last week! I am a single mother of 3 children. I’m disabled and also one of my children has special medical needs as well. I have been without a car for a long period of time and it has been very difficult for us as a family. However, how blessed we are now. In this week I have gotten medical care that was urgent and also signed up to finish my college degree at Parkland. The most precious trip was to a local nursing home to encourage some awesome people along with my church family.
            To New Life Car Care ………THANK YOU FOR BRINGING NEW LIFE TO ME, MY CHILDREN AND MY COMMUNITY! You are changing lives in our community…. one vehicle at a time. Bless you all!"
- Kathryn

"My name is Christopher and I am a quadriplegic. As such my income is quite insignificant since I rely completely upon Social Security disability. $736 a month is hardly enough to scrape through a month just paying the regular bills such as rent, utilities and vehicle insurance. It definitely doesn't afford me any kind of wiggle room for vehicle maintenance. As an independent living individual with severe handicap I am extremely grateful for the service that Dan and New Life Car Care provides for the elderly, handicapped and single families in our community! If it were not for the repairs and constant vehicle maintenance which they have provided for my handicap vehicle to allow me to make it back and forth to my many doctors’ appointments every month I would be unable to live on my own and would be forced into the care of a nursing home. I am forever grateful to Dan and everybody who donates and helps with this great cause known as New Life Car Care! If you are capable of helping with the growth of this charitable organization I urge you to please do so. Your community is better because of it!"
- Christopher

"The van that you guys provided for my family means so much to me and my family. My son has been disabled from the time I was 17 weeks pregnant, and then I had to rely on friends or family and sometimes church family, to get to doctor appointments. My son has frequent doctor appointments in Urbana and around our home town but until now we were mostly walking to every appointment because we felt like we were becoming a bother with always asking everyone for rides. But now you guys have given our freedom back. Now that we have a van we can load up his equipment and take him places to help him get out and about and hopefully for him to be able to walk on his own! Your establishment has blessed our family so much and I hope more families can be blessed with how you guys blessed us! May God bless you all!"
- Andrea